In my practice as counseling psychologist, I have realised that self awareness/observation  is an important real world skill.  It’s important to help children recognise what their body and mind needs to function at the optimum.


In order to promote it I set up 3 themed spaces - Water, Stillness, and Movement.   I give them guidelines to help them determine how they could use each space.  For example:


My mind is racing.  I’m thinking too many things. I can’t focus.  I need some stillness.  

I feel a lack of energy.  How much water have I had today?

I’m sleepy.  I need to wake myself up with some movement.



The Water Space

This corner holds a  jug of water with some cups or if they bring their own water bottles I set it up there.  



The Stillness Space

I place a mat there.  I also have a small poster suggesting closing the eyes and doing basic deep breathing.


The Movement Space

Again I place posters as suggestions for some simple stretching exercises.  



One last important thing.  I never direct/suggest kids into a  space  (no matter how tempting it is at times!).  Doing this would make this a time-out thing.  They choose to use the space based on their self observation.  I also have a rule of no talking or interacting with others if you are in a  space.  If there is a need to interact with others, the main interactive classroom space is best for you.  

Would this work in your classroom?  Looking forward to your feedback.