Training the Teaching Assistants of Tomorrow 

Using the MARIO Approach

October 26 - November 6, 2020


  • 6 interactive live webinars (Time)

  • 4 Self-Paced Learning Days

(register by September 30, 2020)  

USD 450 (Baht 14,400) per participant

Led by:

Philip Bowman.

Who Should Attend

​Learning Support Teaching Assistants, Education Assistants, Teacher Assistants, Teacher Aides

Workshop Overview

It's time to shift the role of teaching assistants /  education assistants from student and teacher aides to invaluable change agents for learning. To do this, learning assistants need high-quality training that provides the tools and strategies to maximize their impact in the classroom.


This powerful and versatile two-week workshop is intentionally designed for assistants with little or extensive previous training. Alongside new and sustainable approaches to learning support, participants will walk away with multiple high-impact resources that will immediately benefit both students and teachers. 
The approach and content in this mini-course are adapted from Philip Bowman’s innovative MARIO Framework. While training on the implementation of the MARIO Framework is not possible in two weeks, special education assistants in all positions, kindergarten-twelfth grade, are provided a personalized learning experience that empowers them with immediately transformative takeaways that are:

  • Measured

  • Ambitious 

  • Research-based

  • Innovative

  • One-to-one centered

Knowledge (Knowledge participants will gain)

  • Understanding common learning differences

  • Figuring out how much support is the right amount

  • Identifying research-based learning strategies

  • How to identify goals for your students, your content teacher, and yourself

  • Building strong and clear relationships with students and teachers

  • Understanding the power of high expectations for students

  • Review process for giving and receiving feedback based on UbD Design Standards.

Implementable Skills (Practical Skills participants will gain)

  • Creating transferable student success manuals

  • Facilitating effective and targeted one-to-one learning sessions with students

  • Using research-based strategies to support student learning

  • Interventions for supporting multiple types of learning differences

  • Creating a flexible menu of supports for teachers and students

  • Setting up short and effective meetings with teachers and student

  • Monitoring and supporting your students’ learning goals

  • Create a plan for future growth and development

  • Evaluate and strengthen your impact as an assistant

Intended Mindset Shift as a result of the workshop

Participants will gain confidence in their approaches to working with and supporting a wide variety of students and teachers.

Workshop Agenda

Day 1 : Interactive Webinar - The MARIO Approach

  • Introductions and an overview of the MARIO approach and course.
  • We will also cover the power of high expectations for students.

Day 2 : Self-Paced Learning - Identifying What Matters Most

  • Participants select a starter resource that aligns best with their interests and context.
  • A comprehensive survey is completed that helps the instructors adjust the course as needed.

Day 3 :  Interactive Webinar - Research Based Learning

An exploration into the research-based strategies and interventions that help students with multiple types of learning differences reach their potential.

Day 4 : Self-Paced Learning - One-to-One Sessions

A video adapted from the MARIO Framework course on one-to-one sessions is shared and analyzed.

Day 5 : Interactive Webinar: One-to-One Learning

  • A live question and answer session addressing the one-to-one learning units delivered asynchronously.
  • Participants explore ways they can incorporate one-to-one learning effectively in their context.

Day 6 : Interactive Webinar - Innovative Practices

  • Three innovative practices for special education assistants are shared.
  • They include creating and using a menu of services, individual student success manuals, and assistive technology presentations.

Day 7 : Self-Paced Learning - One-to-One Conferences

  • A video adapted from the MARIO Framework course on one-to-one conferences is shared and analyzed.

Day 8 : Interactive Webinar - Measuring Your Impact

  • Participants learn how to evaluate and strengthen their impact using the design thinking process.

Day 9 : Self-Paced Learning - Personalized Learning Project

  • Participants adopt an innovative practice and modify it to fit their particular context.

Day 10 : Interactive Webinar - What Matters Most

  • The closing of the workshop emphasizes the importance of listening to our students and provides advice specific to the cohort as they move forward.

Workshop Facilitator

Philip Bowman is a full-time learning support teacher with over fourteen years of special education experience. In his tenth year at International School Bangkok, Philip is well known for both his instruction and mentorship of special education assistants. He believes that it is essential for assistants to have access to high-quality training that provides the tools and strategies to clearly define and/or understand their roles and maximize their impact in the classroom. 

He is also the founder and CEO of the educational technology company MARIO Framework. The MARIO Framework empowers teachers to create personalized learning support experiences that are measured, ambitious, research-based, innovative, and structured around one-to-one learning. Since launching the framework in August of 2019, teachers from over 30 different international schools have committed to piloting the MARIO Framework in their classrooms. 

Workshop Coordinator

Sonthaya Chutisacha (Sandy)