Information Technology (IT) Management in Schools


4 interactive live webinars 

August 18, 20, 25, 27 2021

(Wednesdays & Fridays)

Duration: 2 hours per session

London 8.00 am |  Dubai 11.00 am

Singapore 3.00pm | Sydney 5.00 pm

Your Time 

(register by August 15, 2021)  

USD 450 per participant 

(this is a 'bring your friend' workshop meaning 2 participants can attend for the price of one)


Led by:

Vinit Pathela

Video Overview of the Course

0:00 : Meet the trainer

0:40 : Why this course

2:02 : What will you learn

3:06 : Who is this course for

Who Should Attend

  • Chief Technology Directors

  • School IT Directors/School IT Managers

  • Heads of Applications/Applications’ Managers/Application Support Staff

  • Network and Infrastructure Managers

  • General IT Support Managers

  • LMS Support Staff

  • and any other staff  with school IT responsibility.

Workshop Overview

The role of school IT Departments is to provide technical support to users (students, teachers and all stakeholders) and to provide a strong technology infrastructure so users  can connect, interact and use technology smoothly to perform their daily functions.  


This 8 hours (4 sessions) synchronous workshop is designed:

  1. To help school IT staff to comply with the best practices in IT procedures and processes.

  2. To improve and fill gaps in an organization’s daily IT operations.

  3. To share industry’s best practice knowledge with regards to infrastructure, applications and IT support in school.

Knowledge & Skills

Topic covered

Session 1:  Overall IT operations in your organization

  • The role of IT in your organization

  • Set up Processes and Procedures for your department 

  • Planning & Budgeting is Essential

  • Best Practice for IT

Session 2:  Hardware and Software

  • Essential Hardware and Software for your organization

  • Cloud vs On-Premise solutions

  • Proprietary vs Open source software

  • Vendor Management

Session 3:  Support and Training

  • Organization success depends on IT support

  • Well Trained staff increases efficiency (PD)

  • Track issues

  • Managing your IT support staff


Session 4:  Security

  • Firewall, Rules and Data Flow

  • Data Management and Backups

  • Your organization is as secure as your weakest link.

  • PDPA

By the end of the session, participants will be equipped with knowledge & skills to answer the following:

  • What are the best practice guides for developing and implementing IT policy?

  • How to lead IT projects, including the design and deployment of new IT systems and services?

  • How to monitor performance of information technology systems to determine cost and productivity levels and  make recommendations for improving the IT infrastructure?

  • How to define IT infrastructure strategy, architecture, and processes?

  • How to analyze business requirements  across the organization to develop solutions for IT needs?

  • How to assess vendors and develop test strategies for new hardware and software?

  • How to ensure data security, backup and recovery?

  • How to support and train staff in Information Technology?

  • How to comply with PDPA?

Workshop Facilitator


Vinit Pathela has worked and consulted in the Information Technology field for over 25 years now with leading international schools in the Middle East and Asia and with the Ministry of Education in Thailand. His abilities in the field of IT are vast and he likes to educate himself on new and current technology in the market.


He consults and trains stakeholders on 

  • School Management Systems, 

  • Business Critical Applications, 

  • And other technology related projects, such as network setup, security setup, network / wireless setup.  

Workshop Coordinator

Navin Pawa