Reggio Emilia Principles and Values
Inspirations for Transforming Early Years Settings

November 16 - 17, 2018
Chiang Mai, Thailand


Facilitated by 

Stephania Giamminuti

Workshop Overview

The focus of this seminar was on re-imagining contexts and values in early childhood settings, through the lens of the possibilities offered by the educational project of Reggio Emilia (Italy). 

Participating Schools

Magic Years International School    
Concordian International School    
Amnuay Silpa School    
International School of Phnom Penh    
International School of Kenya    
International School Kenya    
American School of Bangkok    
The Alice Smith Schools Association    
International School Eastern Seaboard    
Kids Kingdom International Kindergarten    
The International School of Macao    
Pathways School Noida    
Ruamrudee International School    
Jakarta Intercultural School    
Thai - Chinese International School Bangkok    
International School of Nanshan Shenzhen    
Prem Tinsulanonda International School    
Shrewsbury international school Riiverside    
Canadian International School, Bangalore, India    
Nexus International School    
Singapore International School Chiangmai    
American Pacific International School    
American International School of Guangzhou    
Shrewsbury International School