The Emerging Role - EAL Specialist as CLIL Coach

November 5 - 6, 2018
Chiang Mai, Thailand


Facilitated by 

Virginia Rojas

Workshop Overview

In this two-day institute, participants:

Revisited issues related to second-language learning environments for English learners (i.e. immersion) and how they differ from inclusion environments for Learning Support students (and why now needs to be different from then);

Conceptualized the roles and responsibilities of thinking and working like a coach and how these differ from ‘student caseload’ approaches of the past;

Gathered tools and practice behaviors for customizing the coaching cycle not just for isolated incidents of innovation but to build sustainable capacity for a schoolwide ‘immersion’ environment;

Fostered  the development and implementation of CLIL - content and language integrated learning - where subjects are taught through a second language with dual-focused aims, namely the learning of content and the simultaneous learning of another language;

Deepened skills for supporting the work of collaborative learning teams, groups of teachers, or individual teachers to analyze and transform instructional practices for English learner responsiveness;

Facilitated classroom teachers’ use of language-proficiency descriptors as tools for equitable assessment and reporting;

Experienced reflecting and problem-solving conversations as an EAL coach using simulated coaching scenarios gone awry; and

Self-assesses coaching capacities in order to organize, document, and assess the impact of their work.     ​

Participating Schools

Nanshan Chinese International College (Immersion)    
Lanna International School Thailand    
International School Bangkok    
Concordia International School, Shanghai    
Concordia International School Shanghai    
International School of Tianjin    
Concordia International School Hanoi    
The American School in Japan    
Yew Chung International School, Chongqing, China    
American International School of Vietnam    
Yew Chung International School, Shanghai, China    
Adventist International Mission School    
The International School of Macao    
Yokohama International School    
Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School    
Pathways School Noida    
Concordian International School    
International School of Bangkok    
British International School Phuket    
UNIS Hanoi    
Jakarta Intercultural School    
Kinabalu International School    
Bangkok Patana School    
Berkeley International School    
St Andrews International School Dusit    
American Pacific International School    
Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar    
Amnuay Silpa Bangkok    
International Education Corporation    
ISG (International Schools Group)    
International School of Beijing    
Amunay Silpa School    
Xiamen International School    
Chiang Mai International School