Mentoring Students

"One research study after another shows that kids who have even one meaningful relationship with an adult in school have better outcomes than those who don't". (Diane Tavenner, Prepared)

The above is a quote from Dianne Tavenner. Diane Tavenner has a model for Personalised Learning (since 2003) that works (Summit Schools). Her model is based on project based learning and mentoring. While PBL has tangible tools, the skills and pedagogy of mentoring is hard to pin down.

The shared core skills as shown in the Mentoring Skills Model (below) is a good starting point:

Image source:\content/uploads/Skills_for_Sucessful_Mentoring.pdf

The core skills:

1. Listening Actively

2. Building Trust

3. Encouraging

4. Identifying Goals

At KSI Learning Center, we have been perfecting a Personalised Learning Model (very similar to the Summit School) for the past two years. The shared core skills identified above are a big part of our learning model. I'd be more than happy to share what I know and also learn from you.

If you are:

Looking for ways of implementing mentoring in your classroom/school or

If you have been doing this for a while and have wisdom to share or

If you are looking for training from a recognised expert in this area,

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