How are you grounding yourself and your students during this time of change?

ELORA PATRA / Calcutta International School

Students are individuals who are brimming with ideas to do their work but fail to organize them according to priority to generate results. I took adv. of this gap. I send them a work schedule for the week e.g. Mon and Tue - Concept based classes, Wed- Worksheet on the concepts, Thursday- research on real life implications on the concepts and Friday discussion on the worksheet responses and feedback to improve them. This way I have tried to do away with the monotony of lecture based classes. More so the practice of writing down concepts with specific submission deadlines ensures regularity in studies and also a better understanding and sometimes leads to self clarification of the concepts taught. The purpose of allowing them to research is to align their theoretical black and white knowledge with the colorful changes in the real world and finally, discussion of the responses helps them identify the gaps in analyzing/ applying their concepts. To add on I do not take classes for more than 35 mins. , with 5/7 mins.[whichever is suitable] break in case it is a double lesson I plan to take.

VINAY M / Dimensions International College

Teach online using zoom and

google classroom.

ANNA KING / YCIS Yew Chung International School of Shanghai

Carrying on working. using zoom and seesaw, emailing and making fun

i-movies :)

Remembering the world has gone mad, not me.

Refusing to watch pathetic daytime television 'news' programmes, which hugely inflate the risk of getting CONVID-19 and remembering that vastly more people die of the flu each year, get run over, get killed by guns, starve to death or die of poverty and the world never grinds to a halt for that.

KASCHA REED / Northbridge International School Cambodia

Myself - ensuring that time spent with my family is as fun as possible - many games, trips down memory lane etc.

My staff - Introduced a Trophy to celebrate individuals who are supporting the wider faculty. It is a truly ugly trophy so always makes us laugh. I have also started to add moments of pure fun - I played an April Fools joke on our Principal which brought some much-needed relief.

Students - we have had online dress-up challenges, dance competitions and STEAM challenges to help keep students engaged and positive.

NISREEN ALAMRI / King Faisal School

You are always ready to do it

if you just try it.

CHARMAINE POUTASI / Istanbul International Community School

For myself, meditation and mindfulness time and our staff and school community have a Wellness Wednesday so that we can all get off screens and do something else. It means we finish at 1 that day. The children have been checking in with zones of regulations and a mindfulness activity daily.

DOUG BRITTAIN / Seisen International School

Our MS/HS Counselor is helping more than just students.

Her blog posts give parents and staff great strategies to deal with the situation.

ADRIANI FRANCISCA/ Sekolah Bogor Raya, Bogor- West Java, Indonesia

It is clear evidence that since the COVID 19 outbreak issue, our school shut down and the school community trial and error with the home learning activity. At the beginning, our government had not make a clear decision yet towards the region, so our school management sent a notice to the whole school parents that we close the school earlier one week before our midterm break. Many pros and contrast reactions from our parents that time, but all o sudden the decision taken over by our government to close all schools in Indonesia at the same time, 16 of March 2020. Ready or not ready, all stakeholders must follow the rule for the sake of the community. Now we already settled with the situation and our school director already made a decision that this situation will be held until the end of the school year.


HELEN SEARLE / King's College International School Bangkok

We don't have students at the moment as we are a start up school so that makes it harder in some ways and easier in others. At least with students and their education, it gives more of a purpose and variety to what you are doing and you can still be creative with their learning..

My working day is 8 am to 5 pm and it is hard to stay motivated for that period at home in front of a computer. We Skype colleagues and carry out interviews online. As there is not much to do, I am tending to work most of the evening and weekends too, this probably isn't such a good idea. But I prefer that than sitting on social media.

To keep grounded I do pilates before work in the morning and spinning and walking in the evening. I don't usually take a lunch break at work, but I am taking 15 minutes at home to break the monotony.

I am learning Thai.

STEPHEN MESSANO / Tohoku International School

I try to spend at least a part of every day doing something I enjoy which does *not* involve looking at a screen: play piano, read a book, cook, go for a walk, etc.

"Unplugging" -- even for a short time -- can be very beneficial, both physically and emotionally.

I encourage my students to do the same.

FAY MARTIN / The American School of Bombay

Daily mindfulness and brain break engagements are incorporated into virtual learning.

WENGER HEIDI / Shattuck St-Mary's Forest City

We are using Google Hangouts to do occasional synchronous lessons or meetings so we can see each others' faces! Otherwise, we are uploading simple assignments for elementary kids on Seesaw.

We can send video and voice comments on Seesaw.

We are keeping the academic load very light while they get accustomed to the new platforms. We were instructed not to introduce any new content in the first eight days.

I send optional activities like online jigsaw puzzles, field trips, science experiments they can do for fun on the weekends.

For myself, I have participated in a few sound healing sessions (my sister is great at leading these!) and had the opportunity to engage in several free online sessions with a "Mind Space" practitioner that were really helpful.

I joined several FB groups which support distance learning.

I also am blessed to live on a large compound where we have gorgeous landscaping and can walk around and we have a rooftop where I go to watch sunsets.

We are a school community here so we also had balcony karaoke, online photo contests, online baking demos, and more!

And of course, taking time to connect with loved ones around the world.

KAREN EDEN / The Gulf English School

I have made sure that I have a routine as much as possible and that this also applies for my students. They have a set timetable when we have online live lessons each day.

I log on and allow them into the lesson 5 or 10 minutes early so that they can all see and speak to each other before lessons start.

The most difficult part for the students has been not being able to see and talk to each other, they are a very close class, and this has helped them.

I also give them the chance to ask any questions or share any worries and we try to come up with solutions together.

CARLO PALUSCI / United Nations International School-Hanoi

We have been on lockdown in Hanoi since early February; thus we are entering our 9th week of synchronous online learning.

While the first 2-3 weeks were a learning curve for all parties involved, students, parents, and teachers, many obstacles have been overcome by both students and teachers.

Students had difficulty, for the most part, in organization, planning, and navigating through the tech aspects of online learning. However, most students have undergone an impressive learning curve and become quite independent as learners through online classes. Some, however, continue to struggle.

Our team of I&S (History) teachers work in the following manner, for which the students now are well-trained. Monday morning they receive " Distance Learning " lessons. We meet online during the last scheduled class of the week, giving students time to work on their weekly lesson. Not all students are able to complete work for the end of the week; the online class we share, engage and connect with each other's work. Teachers have learned to simplify lessons, focusing on skill-development rather than content learning.

Teachers have been asked by the school to be available and online from 10:00-13:00 each day; at this time students can come on google hangout for any individual questions they may have about the weekly lesson.

Our weekly synchronous online classes are set through google calendar invite. The students are placed in groups of 4-6 so that in the 65 minutes of class time, each group has about 20 minutes of time together; small groups allows better engagement.

(Students are somewhat timid about speaking or being seen.)

The school has asked students to dress appropriately and that the weekly class is mandatory, attendance taken.

We have also " chunked " our units: Rather than have big projects or complicated tasks, we have learned to make smaller tasks that are 2 weeks in length, with a task due at the end of the second week. Hence, we plan one learning outcome for every 2 weeks.

We have also surveyed students in each grade-level and subject for feedback to the teacher. (This has been quite helpful in learning what works and what is challenging for students.)

The school has also changed from the formal evaluation system (MYP) and renamed it

" Evidence of Learning "; We have also worked with our librarians to compile sources (Lib guides) for student research. Newsela is one source especially useful as students can set lexical levels for their reading as we have a large population of non-mother tongue English speakers.

RACHEL ARNOLD / Korea Foreign School

Myself: I am creating my own routine each day which is a balance of things which bring me joy and things which I must be responsible for. This helps me maintain a healthy schedule in which I am productive but also happy. I am trying to take small moments away from the screen to read, look out the window, cook, or take care of my plants.

My Students: As Assistant Principal, I have started to host virtual Morning Announcements each morning to provide a). a predictable and consistent start to the day and b). give our learners something to look forward to. I try to add in interesting facts, funny jokes, and challenges to keep it fresh. Some of our teachers have volunteered to host as special guests on some days as well which is fantastic.

HANINE ESTAYTIE / King Faisal School -Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Using the seesaw program every day to communicate with my students through morning messages to encourage and motivate them to be proactive and through educational activities . Signing up and attending several online courses to enrich my knowledge and experience. As a mother, supporting my children and helping them with their studies at home as well as spend some quality time together.

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