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Implementing Atomic Habits in the Classroom - Systems and Daily Habits

Atomic Habits by James Clear
Implementing Atomic habits in the classroom

Atomic Habits

Self-motivation and a growth mindset form the core of entrepreneurship, a subject I am teaching for the first time

to my students this term.

My driving question: How can I teach/uncover these mindsets in a classroom setting?

After much research and reflection, I have decided to use Atomic Habits by James Clear as a framework for my entrepreneurship class. The book provides a practical and actionable guide to building life-long, self-motivated habits and a growth mindset.


Guiding Thought

Be systems oriented not goal oriented. Form daily habits that will inch you towards your goals.

Classroom Implementation of Atomic Habits

I asked my students what they wanted to "become" this term. Their answers ranged from becoming a person with good handwriting to a YouTuber to a flutist. It was fascinating to see the diverse aspirations of my students and their unique motivations.

Next, they had to specify why these goals were important to them. This exercise help

Atomic Habits in the Classroom Implementation
What to do I want to become?

ed them dig deeper into their own motivations and understand the significance of their desired outcomes. It also allowed me to better understand their individual perspectives and tailor my teaching approach accordingly.

Lastly, they had to outline what they would do on a daily basis to achieve their goals. This step is crucial in the process of forming sustainable habits. By breaking down their aspirations into actionable daily tasks, students are able to create a roadmap for their journey towards their goals. It also helps them understand that consistent effort and small steps taken daily can lead to significant progress over time.

To assist with this reflection process, I created a simple document on Canva. The document included fields such as "By the end of this term I will become...", "Why is this important to me?", and "What would I need to do on a daily basis in order to achieve this goal?".

These documents were then displayed on a wall in the classroom, serving as a constant reminder of their aspirations throughout the term.

In Conclusion

The use of Atomic Habits as a framework has proven to be highly effective in instilling self-motivation and a growth mindset in my classroom. By focusing on building daily habits that align with their goals, they are able to develop the discipline and resilience necessary for success.

In the coming weeks, our focus will shift towards building identity. I believe that understanding one's own identity and values is crucial for long-term growth and fulfillment. Through various activities and discussions, I hope to guide my students in discovering their true passions and helping them align their goals with their authentic selves.

This entrepreneurship class has been an exciting journey so far, and I am thrilled to witness the personal and professional growth of my students. By incorporating the principles of Atomic Habits and fostering a supportive learning environment, I am confident that they will not only achieve their goals but also develop the mindset and skills needed to thrive in any endeavor they undertake.

Sonthaya (Sandy) Chutisacha is a Learning Coach and Founder of KSI Academy, a micro-school aimed towards building self-direction, curiosity and purpose.


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