Designed specifically to highlight the skills, behaviours, and confidence that PAs and EAs need to reach their full potential in today’s ever-changing business environment. 

Workshop Contents

The role of the Executive Assistant or Personal Assistant evolves constantly – along with the ever-changing working environment. Keeping on top of change is therefore key to being successful.  These workshops have been developed in order to demonstrate how you can work at peak level and achieve full potential in your role, and topics are grouped in two distinct themes:


(a) Multi-tasking – managing time, priorities, conflicting priorities and time-wasters.


(b) Project Management – a range of essential practical skills for working with working for multiple managers, and juggling multiple requests on your time; and  projects, including problem-solving, decision-making, critical thinking and 

strategic planning.


The sessions are a mixture of direct tuition with both large and small discussion groups. Some practical elements are included so that thoughts and evaluations can be shared and compared. 


The two days contain approximately 5 1⁄2 hours of tuition per day.



Workshop Overview




"Time management" won't help you: it's "YOU Management" that you really need!


Almost every course or conference programme will push you in the direction of Time Management. Time management techniques can work very well for highly powered Executives to manage their day, chopping out the smaller tasks, creating more time for larger tasks, etc - whilst their Assistant carries out all everything else that is necessary. 


However, Time Management courses aren't usually geared for the Assistant, and what they don't generally teach is how to manage YOURSELF under the stream of constant interruptions that are the very nature of the intensely busy role of the Executive or Personal Assistant.


One of your primary purposes as the Executive's Assistant is to "mop up" everything and to cope with constant interruptions including telephone calls, emails, visits to the office, and even the boss himself. These are tasks that cannot be reduced in many cases, as they are the minutiae necessary in order for us to support the Executive who is running the organisation.


This one-day workshop will include varying methods for:


  • Dealing with time-wasters, interruptions, constant phone calls and streams of visitors to your office;


  • Working with toxic colleagues, awkward management styles and difficult customers; 


  • Handling multiple requests for your time and working for several managers; 


  • Juggling large numbers of tasks whilst keeping a clear head; 


  • Coping with an Executive's ridiculously busy inbox as well as your own; and most of all, 


  • Methods for ensuring that you can maintain a level of sanity, keep a healthy work/life balance and demonstrate whole-hearted professionalism throughout. 


In short, this is a masterclass on multi-tasking in extremis.








Whether you’re an administrative assistant, secretary, executive secretary or another member of the administrative support staff, now you can get the skills that spell project management success—scheduling, budgeting and planning. Learn how project management for administrative professionals will help you take a project from conception to completion.


Defining Project Management 

  1. Planning and controlling projects 

  2. Meeting project objectives 

  3. Solving project problems

  4. Managing time and priorities

  5. Coordinating work done by others 

  6. Improving communication skills 


Project Planning 

  1. Generating a Project Plan 

  2. The importance of Phases 

  3. Implementing the Plan 

  4. Management of Risks

  5. Project Team Roles 

  6. The Critical Path


Running the Project

  1. Posting Project Progress

  2. Project Controls

  3. Managing Variance

  4. Reporting 

  5. Closing the Project

  6. Post Project Review

  7. Learning from each project



(REGISTER BY MAY 29, 2015)



Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, Secretaries and Senior Assistants



July 30 - 31, 2015



9.30 am - 5.00 pm



Marriott Hotel

Sukhumvit Soi 24

Bangkok, Thailand



Baht 16,900 per participant



May 29, 2015






Workshop Coordinator

Mr. Navin Pawa 




Phone (Thailand)

081 701 6843;

081 846 5770 
(replace '0' with '66' for international calls)


(REGISTER BY MAY 29, 2015)