Nurturing a Multilingual Ecology in Our Classrooms 


4 interactive sessions - 90 minutes per session 

(participant will receive certificate of completion at the end of the workshop)

Thursdays: October 21, 28 and

November 4, 11, 2021 

London 8.00 am | India 12.30 pm

Bangkok 2.00pm | Tokyo 4.00 pm

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USD 350 per participant

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USD 550 per 2 participants


Video Overview

Led by: 

Beth Puma

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"Shifting demographics in the international school requires a shifting of paradigms and instructional practices in order to ensure that all students, regardless of their home language, can thrive in the grade level/subject area classrooms."

Beth Puma is currently an Instructional Coach at The American School in Japan. She has worked with linguistically diverse students in New York City and Tucson public schools, and most recently in China and Japan.


She has a broad range of experience as a classroom teacher, EAL specialist, curriculum coordinator, and coach in the K-12 setting. She specializes in working with teachers in unit and lesson planning that strategically meets multilingual students’ needs through standards aligned-instruction, differentiation, and scaffolding.

Workshop Audience

K-12 mainstream classroom teachers, EAL specialists, instructional coaches, school leaders, curriculum leaders, and instructional leaders of international schools that serve multilingual students.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be equipped with knowledge & skills to answer the following:​

  • As educators how do we nurture additive multilingualism in our classrooms and schools where students' full identities are seen, valued, and loved?

  • How do we strategically plan instruction that facilitates language acquisition alongside grade level concept / concept attainment?

Topics Covered

Session 1: Multilingual Mindsets

  • Additive v. Subtractive Multilingualism

  • Making Sense of Language Proficiencies

  • Our Students’ Multilingual Identities

  • Translanguaging Pedagogy


Session 2: Facilitating Language Acquisition Through Content

  • Content Language Integrated Learning

  • Lesson Design

  • High Impact Language Targets

  • Vocabulary and Grammar Strategies


Session 3: Pedagogical Practices 

  • Differentiation

  • Scaffolding


Session 4: Facilitating Discourse 

  • Discourse of the Disciplines

  • Discourse Moves 

  • Classroom Discussion Strategies

Workshop Coordinator

If you have any further queries regarding the workshop or registration, you may direct your queries to Navin Pawa at