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Coaching for Multilingual Learners' Success
One Advocacy Goal at a Time


Interactive live webinars

Duration: 2 hours per session

January 20, 27, and February 3, 10, 17, 2022


New York 6 am | London 11 am | Dubai 3 pm Singapore 7 pm |Sydney 10 pm 

Your Time 

(register by January 10, 2021)  

USD 550 per participant 


Led by:

Dr. Virginia Rojas

Dr. Rojas is the author and trainer at TTC and Knowledge Source Institute. She is semi-retired and lives in Ajijic, Mexico.

Before her semi-retirement, Dr. Rojas conducted professional training in over 350 international schools around the globe on language education policies, programs, and the design of effective learning experiences for multilingual learners.

She was inducted into the AAIE (Association for Advancement of International Education) in February 2016.

Who Should Attend

Pre-K-12 EAL teachers and school leaders interested in advocating and improving learning in a school with majority multilingual populations.


Pre-K-12 classroom teachers with a passion for inquiring into multilingual learners' school success or considering a career shift.      

Workshop Overview

As the demography of international schools continues to change with the result that every classroom has more multilingual learners of varying language proficiencies than ever before, it is necessary to rethink paradigms, programs, and practices of the past so that all school leaders and teachers develop responsive mindsets and actions.


First and foremost is the need for EAL specialists to shift from 'fixers of learners to coaches of teachers' in order to build and sustain asset-focused Pre-K through 12 classrooms where language learners 'funds of knowledge' are a part of everyday instruction and assessment.


The first four sessions recap 'success' variables for multilingual learners, and the final session celebrates coaching advocacy goals and tools for changing practices.

Workshop Agenda


Leans into macro-paradigms shifts to consider micro-changes impacting the success of elite multilinguals in international-school settings (and understanding why now needs to be different than then).


Jumps into the principle of CLIL - content and language integrated learning - where subjects are taught through a second language with dual-focused aims, namely the learning of content and the simultaneous acquisition of another language.


Deep dives into systemic functional linguistics (SFL) and its pedagogical model of the Teaching & Learning Cycle (TLC) for a sustainable schoolwide approach.


Revisit instruction and assessment tools to scaffold multilingual learners' achievement in high-challenge learning environments.


Share participants' values, models, tools, and responsibilities of thinking and working like a coach in order to celebrate participants' PEERS coaching goal and self-growth plan to build sustainable advocacy and capacity for change.


Multilingual Learners' Advocacy Rubric (provided by Dr. Rojas).


Multilingual Learners' Coaching Inventory (provided by Dr. Rojas).

Meet the Trainer

This  brief course introduction video by Dr. Rojas covers the following:
-  About Dr. Virginia Rojas 
-  Why this course 
-  What will you learn 
-  Overview of the course 
Who is this course suitable for 

Workshop Coordinator

Navin Pawa

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