Building Conceptual Understandings in Mathematics Through an Inquiry Approach


4 interactive sessions - 2 hours per session 

(participant will receive certificate of completion of 8 PD hours at the end of the workshop)

October 7, 13, 20, 27, 2021 

London 7.00 am | India 11.30 am

Bangkok 1.00pm | Adelaide 4.30 pm

Your Time

register by September 30, 2021  

USD 400

(limited seats - not more than 20 participants)

Group of 2 or more
USD 360 per participant


Led by: 

Meredith Page

Meredith has worked as a classroom teacher, PYP Coordinator, IBO workshop leader and site visitor for PYP schools.


Her latest role as a Curriculum Coordinator includes challenging and supporting teachers to think more conceptually across all learning areas so they can create authentic opportunities for student inquiry.

Workshop Audience

Classroom teachers of elementary and primary years students and Learning Needs teachers.


Curriculum coordinators may find the ideas and concepts presented to be useful in mentoring classroom teachers.

Workshop Goals

 📚Explore how we can lead students to become mathematically empowered and curious learners.

 📚Reflect on our own beliefs and practices regarding the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Topics Covered

Session 1. October 7, 2021

Teachers as inquirers of mathematical concepts.

Session 2. October 13 , 2021

Fostering inquiring dispositions in mathematics.


Session 3.  October 20, 2021

Pt 1 Building conceptual understandings in mathematics through an inquiry approach.


Session 4. October 27, 2021

Pt 2 Building conceptual understandings in mathematics through an inquiry approach.


Pre session activity

Task may involve watching a video, working on a task or reading a short article/blog and reflecting on the mathematical learning/thinking involved.

Part A: (60mins)

Presenter input + breakout groups + presenter input + short task/breakout groups


Break (10mins)

Part B: (50mins)

Presenter input + breakout groups + collaboration/sharing + presenter input

You may be asked before a session to have some simple equipment with you during the session such as counters, tape measure, small scales etc. things you would very likely have at school or home.

Workshop Coordinator

Navin Pawa