Creating a Culture of Inquiry 

A  TeachThought Workshop  

September 29 - October 8, 2020


  • 4 interactive live webinars (Time)

  • Group size will be limited to 20 participants.

  • An Online Forum will allow participants to network, post queries, access handouts, slides etc.

(register by August 14, 2020)  

USD 400 (Baht 12,800) per participant

Led by:

Drew Perkins

Who Should Attend

​K - 12 Teachers


Workshop Overview

This workshop gives teachers tools they can use to grow a culture of inquiry in their classrooms. Participants will experience multiple questioning and inquiry strategies that they can use in their classrooms immediately. Engaging in scenarios on sometimes contentious topics but with clear expectations, participants will develop and practice their own inquiry skills. Learn how to pull profound thinking and problem solving from learners using questions to contextualize content and knowledge.

Topics Covered

  • Why creating a culture of inquiry is so important

  • How to engage in ‘pull’ instead of ‘push’ teaching through rich inquiry

  • Develop and practice multiple inquiry strategies for classroom implementation

Workshop Agenda

Workshop Facilitator

Based in the US, TeachThought is a known platform dedicated to innovation in education.  As TeachThought’s Director of Professional Development and co-host of the TeachThought Podcast,  Drew Perkins helps design and deliver workshops and learning both on-site and virtually.  

Formerly with the Buck Institute for Education and the Collaborative for Teaching and Learning, he has designed and contributed to several PBL models, including the TeachThought PBL Model. Drew continues to deliver professional development and speak internationally. He has been light-heartedly referred to as a professional thought stretcher due to his emphasis on leading through inquiry and questioning.

Workshop Coordinator

Navin Pawa