Executive Assistant Coaching 

Developing Your Innate Potential

Cohort 1: July 20 - 31, 2020 

Cohort 2: August 3 - 14, 2020



  • 5 interactive live webinars (Time)

  • Pre-reading via email

  • Online Forum 

  • One-on One meetings with trainer

  • Not more than 20 participants

  • Schedule

(register by July 30, 2020)  

USD 390 (Baht 12,480) per participant

Led by:

Sangeeta Sirin.

Who Should Attend

​Personal and Administrative Assistants in Education


Workshop Overview

This interactive workshop provides effective tools for Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, Administrative Assistants and all who play a vital role in assisting the heads of educational institutions.  Participants are guided step by step on resourceful skills required on the job followed by hands-on application during the online workshop itself.  This enables each participant to listen, absorb and then apply every skill or technique covered during the workshop.  


The workshop also enables participants to go through a process of improving performance on the “here and now” rather than on the distant past or the near future.  The wellness segment in the workshop boosts one’s balance, focus and efficiency in today’s fast-paced work environment.


On successfully completing this workshop, each participant is not only armed with more skills and techniques for better job efficiency but is also equipped with tools that  harmonize one’s personal wellbeing.


Topics Covered

  • Multiple Roles of an Executive Assistant 

  • Organizational Management

  • Adaptive Skills

  • Communications

  • Event Management

The following areas of Personal Wellness will also be covered:

  • Harmonizing with your natural self

  • Natural Wellness Guide

  • Aligning with nature's time clock

  • Simple and effective energy balancing techniques

  • Inner and outer connections


This online workshop will run as per the format below:

  • Duration - 10 days (Monday - Friday)

  • Maximum number of participants - 20

  • Interactive live webinars (Time)

  • Pre-reading will be sent via email.

  • An online meeting room for the workshop will be created where participants will be able to interact, post questions, access webinar recordings and handouts. 

  • Since the workshop has elements of Personal Wellness, the trainer has kindly offered us her time (10 minute slots) for one-on one meetings. 

Workshop Facilitator


"As a facilitator of this online program, I have designed this training in a very simple, easy to follow format along with hands on application.  The first step is to give you knowledge and then ensure that the concepts are well-grasped through practical online tools such as worksheets and case studies.  Alongside, in the entire training program, is the key to any successful executive, namely, one’s own well-being which leads to balance, focus and clarity in every endeavor."

Sangeeta Sirin.

Sangeeta Sirin. completed her education with a diploma in secretarial studies. From teaching Shorthand and English to students at a leading secretarial college in Thailand, she became a senior executive assistant at the same college for a number of years.  Her role spanned managing an entire campus and handling affiliations with foreign universities.   


Along the years, Sangeeta's personal interest in the Natural Wellness arena led her to complete various qualifications in the area of Natural Health and Wellness with the aim of integrating personal and professional development. For the past few years Sangeeta has successfully led trainings and conducted consultations  that have focused on bringing out the innate potential in  her participants by combining elements of professional and personal development.  

Workshop Coordinator

Sonthaya Chutisacha