by Maija Ruokanen 


November 28 - 29, 2017

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Modern Learning Environments


Learning Environment Matters! What do your learning spaces tell about the learning taking place in your school? How well does the design of your learning spaces connect to your school culture and mission, vision and values? Are your Learning Spaces conducive to the learning you would like to see in your School? What changes are needed? In this workshop you will have a chance to explore latest thinking on Modern Learning Environments and their impact on learning; and plan what steps are required to take your learning spaces into the 21st Century.



In this workshop, you will have a chance to explore the following :

  • 21st Century Learning: What does it look like?

  • Modern Learning Environments: What do we mean by MLE’s & how do they connect to 21st Century Learning?

  • Mission, Vision and Values: how to connect your design to your school culture - what do your learning spaces tell about the learning taking place in your school?

  • Research and latest thinking on the impact of Modern Learning Environments on learning. 


This workshop will provide you with tools to:

  • Start planning the process of renovating/redesigning your learning spaces

  • Audit your current learning spaces and decide on steps forward

  • Communicate your understanding about modern learning environments and share research on their impact on learning

  • Make decisions on your learning space plans based on research

  • Get your community involved and engaged in the planning process


During the workshop you will:

  • Conduct an audit on your learning spaces and reflect on the changes needed. 

  • Explore ways forward and how to take on the process of transforming your learning spaces.




Course Leader

Maija Ruokanen is an international educator, who has worked in International Schools across the world for over 15 years. Originally from Finland, Maija has taught elementary grades as well as worked in Leadership in three continents. At NIST International School in Bangkok, along with her position as the Director of Professional Learning, Maija was part of the Design Team in charge of renovating all the Learning Spaces. 

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Target Audience

Administrators/Leadership planning new furniture and renovations.

Teachers organising/ redesigning their learning spaces.


9.00am  - 4.00pm

November 28 - 29, 2017

Horizon Village & Resort

Chiang Mai, Thailand


Course Fee


(Register by Nov 10, 2017)


USD 700/Baht 24,500 per participant

Team of 3 or more

USD 658/Baht 23,000 per participant



Sonthaya Chutisacha

Workshop Coordinator