Workshop Communication


Teaching and Learning Mathematics Through an Inquiry Approach

May 3 - 5, 2018

Bangkok, Thailand

All pre-workshop communication will be posted here.  


Email Sonthaya at if you have any further queries. 

General Workshop Information

Venue, Meeting room, Timings etc

Workshop Communication: Pre-workshop survey & To bring

1.  Pre-Workshop Survey
Could you fill this out and send back at your earliest.  The survey can be found here:


​2.  To Bring
​​You will need to bring​/have access to​​:​ 
​ - ​A laptop 
​ - ​Any maths picture book that ​you have used in ​your maths teaching
​ - ​​Your curriculum documents for planning  
​ - ​Resources to plan for a unit of maths


​If there are any questions regarding the above do not hesitate to contact me (  We will send you the Digital Folder (Google docs) soon.  

Invoice, Venue & Accommodation

We have started sending out the invoice for this workshop.  If you wish to check the status of your invoice email Navin at

The venue for this workshop is confirmed.  It is Marriott Sukhumvit Park in Sukhumvit Soi 24, Bangkok, Thailand.  

Venue & Accommodation  information can be found at the link given below.

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