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The Multilingual Turn: A Call for Reflection & Action

A Workshop by Dr. Virginia Rojas


Online (Zoom)


October 17 - 18, 2023

(Tuesday and Wednesday)

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

(Indochina time - ICT)

Discover your time

Workshop Fee

(Register by August 28, 2023)



USD 250 per participant

Group Registration

Group of 5 - 9

USD 200 per participant

Group of 10 or more

USD 170 per participant


Workshop Facilitator


"Dr. Rojas is the author and trainer at TTC and Knowledge Source Institute. She is semi-retired and lives in Ajijic, Mexico.

Before her semi-retirement, Dr. Rojas conducted professional training in over 350 international schools around the globe on language education policies, programs, and the design of effective learning experiences for multilingual learners.

She was inducted into the AAIE (Association for Advancement of International Education) in February 2016."

Target Audience

EAL Specialists & Classroom Teachers:
Tune into the shifting paradigms in EAL teaching and how they define your changing roles and responsibilities in schools with a majority population of multilingual learners.

School Leaders and Board Members:
Reflect on EAL shifting paradigms in schools with a majority of multilingual learners and what institutional changes these mean for a leadership team


The multilingual turn is a critical movement in language education representing paradigm shifts in how we think about languages, language learners, and language teaching and learning.


Participants will learn:

  • How to explore and prioritize language-related issues in order to plan next-step actions.

Topics Covered

Session I Shifting Paradigms:

  • From Monolingual Biases TO Multilingual Mindsets Language as Problem vs. Resource (Linguistic Ecology)

  • From Native Speakerism TO Plurilingualism (Linguistic Ideals)

  • From Deficit Thinking and Language TO Asset-Based (Linguistic Ideology)

  • From More & Only English as THE Path to Dynamic Bilingualism (Goals)

  • From Separation of Languages TO Translanguaging (Usage)

  • From MIRAS TO Scaffolding UP Instruction (Affordances)

  • From Deficit Assessments TO Promise Assessments (Equity)

  • From Talking the Talk TO Walking the CLIL Walk (All Teachers are Language Teachers)

  • From EAL teacher as ‘fixer’ of MLs TO coaches for building a schoolwide advocacy ecosystem

Session II Exploring Next Steps

  • What ‘dispositions-knowledge-skills’ do all teachers have to have (every teacher is a language teacher)

  • Where are we now (micro-reality) and what steps can we take (meso-actions) to achieve our goals (macro-goals)?


If I cannot make it to the workshop, will you offer a refund?

Given the logistics involved we will not be able to offer a refund, but you can transfer your registration to somebody else. Or we can also send you the recording (limited time).

Do you offer Continuing Education Credits?


Will I get a certificate of participation?


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