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Embedding Individualized Student-Teacher  Conferences  in the Classroom


This two-hour INSET has been designed to equip teachers (Primary-Secondary) with skills that will enable them to plan and conduct individualized mentor meetings with students


Individualized student-teacher conferences are tailored mentoring sessions.  These individualized mentoring sessions enrich the teaching experience by allowing students and teachers to:
1.  Set and track academic goals
2.  Foster creative passions
3.  Build relationships based on trust and understanding.
What makes these individual mentor meetings slightly difficult to implement in a mainstream set up is the 'How' and the 'When'. 
There is no tangible lesson plan.  The session is guided by the teacher's ability to listen, reflect and facilitate. And then of course there is the question of the 'when'.  How to fit these sessions into an already busy curriculum?
This INSET will equip its participants with the following:
  • A framework for conducting an individual mentoring session.  

  • A logistics framework - when to plan the sessions and where to conduct them.

  • Essential mentoring skills.

  • A regular self-reflection practice.

Theoretical Knowledge
  1. The Mentoring Skills Model
  2. Building Blocks for Learning
  3. Self-Directed Learning Cycle
  4. Inquiry-Action Matrix
  5. John's Model of Self-Reflection (MSR)
  6. Productive Meditation (Cal Newport)
Practical Knowledge
  1. Conducting a mentoring session using the mentoring framework (tangibles & intangibles). 
  2. Identifying learning blocks in students and addressing them.
  3. Identifying a personal practice for self-reflection.
Who will conduct this workshop 
This workshop will be conducted by Sonthaya Chutisacha (MSc. Counseling Psychology).  Her professional journey began in 2005 as a Personalized Learning Coach at a school in Bangkok, Thailand. 
In the course of her journey as an educator, she co-founded KSI PD, an institute that provides PD opportunities for educators in Asia and Africa.  In 2018, she initiated  KSI Academy, a lab school with personalized learning at its core.  She currently designs and leads the learning there.
Session Fee
USD 1500 
(up to 24 participants)

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