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Core Skills for School Librarians



The workshop will give you a glimpse into current practices and provide directions in building capacity and skills. It will include:


  • Library Curriculum Continuum or Scope & Sequence and its relevance to your school.

  • Building a reading & writing community

  • Information-Media Literacy & Research



November 12, 19, and 26 2022

3 group sessions

150 mins per session

2:00 pm - 4:30 pm (ICT)

Online (Zoom)

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Workshop Fee

(register by Nov 10, 2022)



USD 350 per participant

Group (3 or more participants)


Facilitated by


Heeru Bhojwani is an Information Curator & Coach/Information Media Specialist for over 22 years at an International School in India in Mumbai, India. She maintains a decentralized library called iCommons.

She works collaboratively with her team, and other educators to refine their Information Literacy Skills.

Target Audience

This workshop will benefit Librarians, Head Librarians, and Teachers who aspire to step into the Librarian role.


By the end of the workshop, participants will be equipped with the following:

  • Ability to meet the school community programs by revising systems & procedures.

  • Ability to exercise and initiate programs to promote literacy.

  • Understand the importance of balanced collection development to support SEL, multilingual and diverse populations.

  • Engage in supporting all forms of literacies and learning the skills necessary to read aloud with skill-based comprehension


Day 1


  1. Understand the importance the need of a library curriculum and will have resources to help participants  craft out a library curriculum for the school

  2. Analyze and comprehend the importance of standards and dispositions learned through the library program.

Key Exercises

  1. Identify  key elements that will be embedded in the curriculum

  2. Analyze the importance of scaffolding key skills to help students, teachers and parents.

Day 2


  1. Importance of a rich collection that is inclusive of all.

  2. Opportunities for sowing the seeds of content writing, illustrations, design and more.

Key Exercises

  1. Reflect on concepts of equity, inclusion, and other parameters that make the library collection rich.

  2. Generate idea and unfold different ways the communities can be involved in creating a community of respectful content creators.

Day 3


  1. Learn and understand the importance of ethical use of information for text and media.

  2. Understand copyright and propound the use for fair use guidelines.

  3. Learn parts of researching and how to support student research papers.

Key Exercises

  1. Use the