World Class Schools...World Class Principals

Habits of Highly Effective Principals



Dr. James H. Stronge



Workshop Overview

One of the most reliable factors associated with world class schools is sustained, insightful, highly capable leadership - in essence world class leaders. Highly effective principals and other school leaders are the key that unlocks school improvement and success, as well as increased student learning. Thus, it is essential that we select, support, and keep the best leaders if we want the best schools.


This workshop will focus on the qualities of world class principals, the skills that make a difference in school success, and how to assess and support the best principals. Additionally, the workshop will explore school leaders' competing demands for time, and address the imperative that principals and leadership teams do the right work and do it well.


Workshop Goals

This two-day workshop, based on Dr. Stronge's and other experts’ research to supporting high quality school leadership, will address the following guiding questions:
• What do we know about world class schools and their leadership focus?
• What are the habits of highly effective principals?
• What are high quality instructional leadership practices?
• How can principal effectiveness be assessed? 
• How can principal professional growth and success be supported and sustained?


Implementable Skills

1. Qualities (i.e., habits) of world class principals: Knowing and applying skills for principal effectiveness

2. Instructional supervision skills and practices
a. Using quality observation tools - look-fors and red flags
b. Using evidence to guide teacher performance
c. Providing feedback to teachers - How to provide it and what to say
d. Monitoring and supporting teacher improvement 


3. Principal evaluation: What works? What doesn't?
a. What are standards for principal performance?
b. What are tools for principal evaluation?
c. What role do principals play in school and student success?


4. Principal professional growth: Tools and techniques for supporting and sustaining the best principals


Topics Covered

1. Research and practice regarding qualities/habits of highly effective principals/school leaders


2. Classroom observation skills, including:
a. What to look for ("What did you see?)
b. How to give feedback ("What would you say?")
c. How to overcome bias and other factors that interfere with reliability in feedback


3. Principal evaluation/assessment
a. What works? What doesn't?
b. How to implement a quality principal evaluation model
c. Principal impact on student learning


4. Principal professional growth and development: Tools and techniques to support and sustain quality principals

Workshop Agenda

Habits of world class principals

Instructional supervision: Classroom observation, feedback, and teacher improvement


Principal evaluation: How to design and implement a quality principal evaluation system for quality principals
Principal professional growth: How to provide quality support and sustain quality principals

























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  • Superintendents/School Heads

  • Principals

  • Assistant Principals

  • School Leadership Teams

  • Aspiring School Leaders



November 18 - 19, 2016



9.00 am - 4.00 pm



Aetas Lumpini

Bangkok, Thailand


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Register by Nov 4, 2016


USD 958/Baht 34,500 per participant


Team of 2 or more

USD 791/Baht 28,500 per participant





Workshop Coordinator

Sonthaya Chutisacha




Phone (Thailand)

081 701 6843;

081 846 5770 
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