Flow Learning™ 
A Framework For Using Play Based Activities For Outdoors And  In Your Classroom

09:00 - 16:00

October 25 - 26, 2019 

Horizon Village and Resort

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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September 30, 2019

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Baht 21,450 per participant​


*Group of 3  

Baht 17,500 per participant

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Target Audience

K - 12  Teachers

Workshop Overview
Awakening our students energy and enthusiasm for any subject is the first step towards deeper learning. The Flow Learning framework can be used  to teach any subject, outdoors as well as indoors, but the activities we will be learning in this workshop will be used primarily to teach ecology in creative ways.  This training incorporates the latest research on play theory.  During this training you will experience the four stages of Flow Learning through play and nature based activities that you will find easily adaptable to many subjects.   At the conclusion of this training, you will have the tools needed to make learning fun, dynamic, experiential and deeply meaningful. 

Workshop Objectives

In this 2-days training you will learn: ​

  • Prize-winning nature activities that make ecological concepts come alive

  • Flow Learning™, an outdoor teaching strategy, that gently guides others to uplifting nature experiences

  • Play Principles for multifaceted learning 

  • How to be an inspiring teacher

  • Forest activities that foster a scientific and intuitive understanding of trees

  • Nature wellness exercises for personal rejuvenation and inspiration

  • Methods that encourage deeper learning and make existing programs more effective​

Topics Covered

Day 1 Training Highlights

  • Introductory Talk

  • How to make learning fun, experiential, and memorable

  • Teaching skills that touch the heart as well as the mind

  • How to make your programs more effective and life changing 

  • Effective strategies that engage students and minimise discipline problems

  • Flow Learning™—Sharing Nature’s outdoor teaching strategy—that gently guides others to  - uplifting nature experiences 

Nature Activity Class: Awaken Enthusiasm and Focus Attention Activities

Learn activities that: 

  • Make learning fun

  • Build group spirit

  • Make science an experience

  • Demonstrate ecological concepts

  • Teach animal characteristics and habits

  • Encourage observation and attentiveness

Nature Activity Class: Offer Direct Experience and Share Inspiration Activities 

  • Exercises that encourage deeper nature learning and intuitive understanding 

  • Journey to the Heart of Nature activities

  • Stories that uplift and inspire 

Day 2 Training Highlights

  • Lecture/Workshop: Play Principles for Multifaceted Learning 

  • Creating a positive learning experience

  • The uniting power of Play

  • Play is for adults too!

  • Experiential Play activities 


Nature Activity Class

  • Forest Immersion Activities: creative games that teach about trees scientifically as well as intuitively through immersion, guided imagery, music, and creative writing

  • Learning additional nature activities 


Lecture/Workshop: How to Be an Inspiring Teacher 

  • Learning how to inspire true change in oneself and others 

  • The Six Central Principles of Sharing Nature 

  • Includes experiential exercises


Nature Activity Class

  • Games that bring us face-to-face with nature

  • The Sky and Earth Touched Me Wellness Exercises for personal renewal

  • Activities that promote group introspection and sharing

  • Using music and poetry to foster stewardship and celebrate the Earth

Course Leader

Greg Traymar has been personally trained by Joseph Cornell to head Sharing Nature U.S.A. and to share these principles. So far he has led the Sharing Nature workshops in many parts of the United States, as well as Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Australia, Thailand, Canada and Hong Kong. 


Greg has a B.A. in Environmental Education and Outdoor Leadership and in 2007 received the Environmental Education award from Warren Wilson College, U.S.A. He is also the recipient of the prestigious Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award, a national award given out since 1890 to recognize individuals whose service to others and the community sets them apart as examples to all.