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Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Teacher


By Ochan Kusuma Powell


October 5, 6, and 8, 2021

Workshop Feedback


The data below is summarized from quantitative data on the Workshop Evaluation Form distributed at the end of the workshop:


(1= not satisfied, 5 = very satisfied)

Given below is a compilation of participants' responses to the following query on the Workshop Evaluation Form:  

"What was your key takeaway from this event?"


  • The importance of empathy, developing emotional vocabulary, and the idea that emotions are constructed.

  • My emotions are more transparent than I realize, phrasing can promote better empathy, relationships promote trust promotes comfort promotes learning!

  • I have so much to learn! I think I can take away that I can regulate my own emotions and that will help me, help students. I am still processing all of the information and am excited to apply my learning!

  • Some fresh ideas and approaches, and some research theory

  • To listen with my heart. Empathy is NOT the same as sympathy. Empathy is a way to connect with others.

Participating Schools

  • Korea International School, South Korea

  • Korea International School Jeju, South Korea

  • Renaissance College, Hong Kong

  • KIS International School, Thailand

  • Hanoi International School Co., Ltd, Vietnam


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