Growth Mindsets

September 23 - 24, 2016

Bangkok, Thailand


Participating Schools
Alice Smith School
American Embassy School New Delhi
American School of Bombay
Ascend International School
Athlete Development Pte Ltd
Australian International School, Singapore
Beacon Hill School
British School of Kuala Lumpur
British School Yangon
Christian Alliance International School
Concordian International School
Dubai American Academy
Hangzhou CIS
International School Bangkok
International School Eastern Seaboard
International School Manila
International School of Phnom Penh
International School Yangon
Kathmandu International Study Centre
Korea International School Jeju
Nexus International School 
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College Melbourne
Overseas School of Colombo
Peak School, Hong Kong
PTIS International School
Rulang Primary School
Shanghai American School
Shanghai Community International School
Shrewsbury International School
Singapore American School
Singapore International School of Bangkok
SJI International
St. Andrews International Sukhumvit 107
St. Andrews International Sukhumvit Sathorn
Suzhou Singapore International School
Taipei European School
The American International School of Muscat
The British School Manila
Western Academy of Beijing

Given below is a compilation of participants' response to the following query on the Workshop Evaluation Form:  

"Theory/Skills acquired from the workshop that you can use immediately"

  • The language associated with Growth Mindset

  • How to begin to implement GM into school

  • Praise needs to be specific

  • Growth Mindset messages

  • Habits of Mind

  • Recognising Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset in myself and others

  • The importance of the back story.  No one is an overnight success.

  • The process and growth is more important than content and standards.

  • Model a growth mindset in yourself. 

  • To show the children the process when learning and get them to talk about it. 

  • Assessment is where you are not who you are.

  • Use of rubrics

  • Goldilocks zone

  • Praise the process

  • Discussion protocol

  • GM is an invitation for hard work

  • Practice  = Talent

  • Mistakes/failures shouldn't be rewarded...the risk taken or the next steps should be.

  • Growth/Fixed Mindset is a continuum

  • Review my dyslexia assessment feedback and adjust language

  • Engage parents in the process

  • Learn my own fixed mindset triggers

  • Carefully consider feedback and how to have it encourage growth

  • Have kids create a mentor text criteria for success

  • Create an ongoing strategy poster

  • Not to announce kids achievement publically

  • How to think and act like a Growth Mindset teachers

  • The difference between rehearsal and purposeful practice

  • Don't confuse energy with effort