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Differentiating Instruction for Multilingual Learners


March 10, 22, and 31, 2022

Workshop Feedback


The data below is summarized from quantitative data on the Workshop Evaluation Form distributed at the end of the workshop:


(1= not satisfied, 5 = very satisfied)

Given below is a compilation of participants' responses to the following query on the Workshop Evaluation Form:  

"What was your key takeaway from this event?"


  • How important my role as a MT teacher is for the homeroom teacher and how we can work more together!

  • Specific differentiation strategies

  • Numerous strategies were given. Validation of the positive things that I am doing

  • Backward planning for diffenrentiation

  • Check-ins, write down the expected response, Zwiers, reminder to use more graphic organisers

  • Using more images and jigsaw style activities for lower level speakers

  • Ways to better differentiate for my wide range of learners' abilities.

Participating Schools

  • International School of London, Qatar

  • SJA at Jeju, South Korea

  • Daegu International School, South Korea

  • Shattuck-St Mary's Forest City International School, Malaysia

  • American International School Chennai, India

  • Yew Chung International School of Shanghai, China

  • Lanna International School, Thailand


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