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Beyond the Basics: Understanding and Supporting the Needs of Highly Able/Gifted & Talented Learners

By Anita Churchville


March 15, 16, and 17, 2022

Workshop Feedback


The data below is summarized from quantitative data on the Workshop Evaluation Form distributed at the end of the workshop:


(1= not satisfied, 5 = very satisfied)

Given below is a compilation of participants' responses to the following query on the Workshop Evaluation Form:  

"What was your key takeaway from this event?"


  • The profiles on gifted and talented.

  • That we need to educate mainstream teachers about the characteristics of more able learners so that more able learners are able to reach their full potential.

  • Telescoping Curriculum.

  • The importance of catalysts to facilitate the process of turning gifts into talents.

  • My interests and ideas about how humans learn, develop, and thrive are valid and worth exploring for application to practice.

Participating Schools

  • AAS Sofia, Bulgaria

  • Nanyang Primary School, Singapore

  • American School of Bangkok Green Valley, Thailand

  • Taipei European School, Taiwan

  • Bangkok Patana School, Thailand

  • Cheongna Dalton School, South Korea

  • Hong Kong International School, Hong Kong

  • Mount Litera School International, India

  • UWC ISAK Japan, Japan


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