Effective Admissions & Enrolment

July 29 - 30, 2016

Bangkok, Thailand


Participating Schools
ACS Doha International school

Aditya Birla World Academy
Ascot International School
Australian International School Hong Kong
Canadian Academy Japan
Chadwick International School
Concordian International School
German European School Singapore
International School of Nanshan Shenzhen
Magic Years International School
NIST International School
Ruamrudee International School
Saint Naur International School
Seisen International School
Singapore International School Bangkok
SJI International Singapore
St. Andrews Green Valley
Taipei European School
The Alice Smith School
The British School Jakarta
Tsinghua University High School International
United Nations International School of Hanoi
YCIS International School Shanghai
Yokohama International School


Given below is a compilation of participants' response to the following query on the Workshop Evaluation Form:  

"Theory/Skills acquired from the workshop that you can use immediately"


  • K- Car:  To collect data especially for marketing group

  • Dr. Katherine Benziger's knowledge of thinking styles

  • Better story telling

  • Learn how to become more coherent

  • To understand SCARF of different parents

  • Evaluate the current process

  • Think, analyse before reaction with parents

  • Story, people, process

  • Thinking styles and assessment model

  • Pursuing online applications

  • Admissions as a learning process

  • 144 character description of our school and website

  • Helping parents make the right decision rather than selling

  • Re-think admissions as a learning process for families

  • Re-think the admissions space/environment

  • Story teller, paintbrushes of the school

  • Art of selling

  • Use my 3rd person listening more

  • Asking the right questions

  • Listening to the (type of) parent

  • Challenge inconsistency

  • Data management

  • Innovation

  • Identify what's broken

  • Coherent story telling from different departments

  • Ideas on how to make our story more powerful