Evidence-Based Planning to Improve English Learners' Language Proficeincy and Academic Achievement

November 2014

Chiang Mai; Kuala Lumpur 


By Dr. Virginia Rojas

Workshop Feedback


The data below is summarized from quantitative data on the Workshop Evaluation Form distributed at the end of the workshop:


The workshop provided me with helpful ideas

Agree - 100%

Disagree - 0%


The workshop provided me with skills/knowledge that I can use in my classroom

Agree - 100%

Disagree - 0%


The workshop met the outlined objectives

Agree - 100%

Disagree - 0%


I would recommend this workshop to other teachers

Agree - 100%

Disagree - 0%


The handouts were valuable

Agree - 100%

Disagree - 0%




Additional Comments


"I enjoyed how the ideas were well supported by research and academic theory."


"The passion and enthusiasm of the presenter fired me up.  A superb workshop!"


"Very engaging.  Group activities promoted everyone's thinking and active engagement."


"Provided much need clarity on the important role of the ELL teacher in the international school environment."


"It was great that the techniques were modeled."


"The presenter,Gini,was warm, amusing and very knowledgeable on the topics.  I enjoyed listening to and learning from her."


"Excellent! Lots of Aha moments.  Very refreshing."


"Nice balance of individual work, lecture and cooperative learning.  Thanks Gini for your positive and spunky energy."


"Ms. Rojas was very dynamic and resourceful."


"I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and have received so many amazing tools to use immediately in my classroom.  Gini is charasmatic and to the point."


"Gini was very thorough and modelled with great evidence how to assist and take EAL students along a progressive line of Academic Achievement"