What is the venue for this workshop? I need to submit an estimate of the costs...

The venue will most likely be Marriott Sukhumvit Park.  Room rates are Baht 4500 - Baht 6000 per room night.  Davis Hotel is walking distance from the venue hotel.  Room rates there range from approximately Baht 2500 - Baht 3500.

Can I make my travel and accommodation bookings now?

Please do not make any reservations until you receive the invoice.  

When will I receive the invoice?

We will send out the invoices as soon as we secure the minimum number of required participants for this workshop.

When will I know that you have started invoicing i.e the workshop has secured the minimum number of participants?

We will announce it on this page.  If everything goes as planned we will send you the invoice by the third week of January 2018.  

Who can I contact to follow up my application?

Please feel free to contact:


Ms. Sonthaya Chutisacha


She will get back to you within 3 working days. 


If you need an immediate answer, call:

Mr. Navin Pawa

(66) 81 701 6843 

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