Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Teacher


3 Interactive live webinars 

October 5, 6, 8, 2021 (Tue, Wed, Fri)

Duration: 90 minutes per webinar

London 9.00 am |  Dubai 12.00 pm

Singapore 4.00pm | Sydney 6.00 pm

Your Time 

USD 450 per participant 
(this is a 'bring your friend' workshop meaning 2 participants can attend for the price of one)

Led by:

Ochan Kusuma Powell

"Teachers who are emotionally intelligent themselves, who are able to self-monitor, self-manage, and self-modify their emotions are better able to support students in SEL.


Especially after a year of disruption and loss for so many, developing our own EQ will give us the what, why and how of emotional self-regulation."

Ochan Kusuma Powell is an international educator and consultant to schools around the world. She presents in the areas of coaching, special education, inclusion and collaboration.  


She is a founding member of the Design Team for the Next Frontier Inclusion, a not-for-profit organization that supports international schools in becoming increasingly inclusive at a systems level.

Who Should Attend

Instructional Coaches, Teacher Leaders, Teachers     

By the end of the workshop, participants will be equipped with knowledge & skills to answer the following:​

  • What is emotional intelligence, and why is it important in the classroom?

  • What do students tell us are the attributes of teachers who are most likely to increase commitment to learning?

  • How do we listen so students will talk?

  • How might we deliberately build trusting and positive relationships for learning?

Topics Covered:

  • Research basis for emotions; theories of EQ; attributes of teachers who increase commitment to learning

  • What makes us tick? Developing self-awareness of our own EQ

  • Listening so children will talk - building trust and positive relationships for learning

Workshop Coordinator

Navin Pawa