Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Teacher


3 Interactive live webinars 

October 5, 6, 8, 2021 (Tue, Wed, Fri)

Duration: 90 minutes per webinar

London 9.00 am |  Dubai 12.00 pm

Singapore 4.00pm | Sydney 6.00 pm

Your Time 

(register by September 25, 2021)  
USD 450 per participant 
(this is a 'bring your friend' workshop meaning 2 participants can attend for the price of one)

Led by:

Ochan Kusuma Powell

Who Should Attend

Teachers and Instructional Coaches     

Workshop Overview

We know that social and emotional learning (SEL) benefits all students in managing stress, developing positive social behavior and in succeeding academically.


Teachers who are emotionally intelligent themselves, who are able to self-monitor, self-manage, and self-modify their emotions are better able to support students in SEL.


Especially after a year of disruption and loss for so many, developing our own EQ will give us the what, why and how of emotional self-regulation.


This interactive workshop will provide opportunities to develop self-awareness and skills in the area of EQ.

Knowledge & Skills

Topics Covered:

  • Research basis for emotions; theories of EQ; attributes of teachers who increase commitment to learning

  • What makes us tick? Developing self-awareness of our own EQ

  • Listening so children will talk - building trust and positive relationships for learning

By the end of the workshop, participants will be equipped with knowledge & skills to answer the following:​

  • What is emotional intelligence, and why is it important in the classroom?

  • What do students tell us are the attributes of teachers who are most likely to increase commitment to learning?

  • How do we listen so students will talk?

  • How might we deliberately build trusting and positive relationships for learning?

Workshop Facilitator

Ochan Kusuma Powell taught for 25 years in international schools, in both regular and special education. She has taught across all levels of school and is a founding member of the Design Team for the Next Frontier Inclusion, a not-for-profit organization that supports international schools in becoming increasingly inclusive at a systems level.


Ochan has also co-authored a number of books, including;

  • Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Teacher (2010) 

  • How to Teach Now: 5 Keys to Personalized Learning in the Global Classroom (2011)

  • The OIQ Factor: How to Raise the Organizational Intelligence of Your School (2013)

  • Teacher Self-Supervision: Why Teacher Evaluation Has Failed and What We Can Do About It (2015)

Workshop Coordinator

Navin Pawa