Core Collection Sampler   

by Elena Aguilar


The Art of Coaching

The Art of Coaching Teams

Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators 

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08.30 - 15:30

September 24 - 26, 2020 (3 days) 

Exact venue to be confirmed

Chiang Mai, Thailand


Registration is open for this workshop.  You can reserve your seat now and pay in August 2020.

Early Bird (until March 31, 2020)

Baht 42,000 per participant​


(register by May 22, 2020)  

Team of 3 or more

Baht 35,000 per participant


Baht 47,500 per participant

Who Should Attend

  • Coaches, teacher leaders, administrators managers, and leaders in all kinds of education settings.

  • Those eager to learn directly from Elena.

  • Those who have attended a two day workshop and seek deeper understanding.

  • There are no prerequisites for this institute.


What to Expect

Three core offerings: The Art of Coaching, The Art of Coaching Teams, and Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators, will be brought together in a three day experience led by the expert author and founder of Bright Morning, Elena Aguilar.


We’ll spend one day on each area and you’ll learn key strategies and approaches in the areas of coaching, developing teams, and building resilience. You’ll leave with a plethora of strategies to build stronger and more trusting relationships, to guide adults in their learning, and to help you transform schools. Elena is the only presenter for this workshop and rarely facilitates
this learning experience.


Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Identify the core components of transformational coaching and will practice key strategies

  • Learn new ways to support adult learners

  • Increase their capacity to plan purposeful meetings grounded in adult learning theory

  • Develop awareness of their individual leadership and their team’s dynamic and collective capacity

  • Practice cultivating the emotional intelligence of a team

  • Explore ways to deal with resistance

  • Employ various approaches to respond to and manage the emotions of self and others

  • Understand the cycle of an emotion and the greatest points of intervention to build resilience

  • Know how to build the habits of a resilient educator

Core Collection Sampler Agenda



The following books are included in the registration package:

Course Leader

Elena Aguilar has trained thousands of educators across the United States and abroad in transformational coaching. She is the author of four highly acclaimed books: The Art of Coaching (2013), The Art of Coaching Teams (2016),  Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators (2018) and the Onward Workbook (2018). She is a regular contributor to Edutopia and ASCD’s Educational Leadership, and she was a blogger for EdWeek Teacher for many years. 


Elena’s expertise derives from twenty five years as a classroom teacher, instructional coach and leadership coach working in diverse school environments. In her role as a consultant, she has partnered with leaders in public and private organizations across the United States and abroad. Elena is also the co-founder of Kenya Big Picture Learning, and she’s on the advisory board of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center.