Reinventing Project-Based Learning

Leading Real World Projects in the Digital Age


May 22, 2021

Live, Interactive Webinar

Duration: 2 hours


London 12pm |  Dubai 3pm | Singapore 7.00pm 

Your Time 


(register by May 14, 2021)  

USD 150 per participant 

Group of 5 or more

(register by May 14, 2021)  

USD 130 per participant 


Led by:

Suzie Boss

Target Audience 

K12 teachers, Instructional Leaders, Coaches            


Workshop Overview

Project-based learning is growing in popularity around the world, but not all projects achieve the same results for students.


This interactive workshop focuses on best practices for high-quality PBL, along with strategic integration of digital tools to create meaningful experiences for digital-age learners.

This hands-on webinar will equip participants with knowledge and skills to answer the following questions:

  • How can I design more effective projects for my students by focusing on best practices for PBL?

  • How can technology support learning, whether it’s happening face-to-face or virtually? 

  • How can I troubleshoot challenges with PBL?

Topics Covered

  • Designing projects for deeper learning

  • How integration of digital tools can “turbo boost” learning

  • Plentiful examples of digital-age projects across grade levels and content area

Workshop Facilitator

Suzie Boss is an author and educational consultant from the United States who has worked with educators around the globe who are shifting from traditional instruction to real-world project-based learning. She is the author of 10 books, a longtime contributor to Edutopia, and PBLWorks National Faculty emeritus.

Reinventing Project-Based Learning, 3rd ed., is an ISTE bestseller. Her next book (Redefining Student Success), focusing on how school systems are preparing students for 21st-century challenges, will be published in July.

Workshop Coordinator

Navin Pawa