Quality Differentiation

A Workshop for Teachers and School Leaders


Facilitated By:

Carol Ann Tomlinson

(Whole Group and Leadership sessions)


Marcia B. Imbeau

(Primary Teachers)


Sandra Williams Page 

(Middle School & Secondary Teachers)



Workshop Overview

Academically diverse student populations are the norm in most contemporary classrooms.  Teachers understandably struggle to teach in ways that attend to both group requirements and a broad range of individual entry points and approaches to learning.  Differentiated Instruction provides a model for instructional planning that attends to both established outcomes and the realities of student variance. 


Effective differentiation is really just an extension of quality teaching practices and guides teachers in thinking about learning environments, curriculum, uses of formative assessment, responsive instruction, and guiding classroom routines so that each student is well-served.   


This two-day session will examine ways in which those five elements can be crafted to benefit a range of learner needs, and ways in which the elements interact.  There will be a mix of whole group sessions followed by separate workshop sessions for elementary teachers, secondary teachers, and administrators and instructional leaders.  All sessions will emphasize practical examples of differentiation at work and issues related to leading for more responsive schools and classrooms.


Workshop Goals (Teachers)

  • Develop a framework for thinking about quality differentiation 

  • Increase understanding of quality classroom practice in regard to learning environment, curriculum, formative assessment, responsive instruction, and classroom management 

  • Increase competence and confidence in planning for differentiation, and 

  • Be ready to use several instructional strategies to address learner variance in their classroom



Workshop Goals (Leaders)

  • Analyze classroom plans and instruction for indicators of quality differentiation in classroom settings

  • Provide feedback to teachers on quality of differentiation

  • Understand key elements in providing leadership for school-wide differentiation


Workshop Agenda

Session 1 (Whole Group)

Tomlinson: What differentiation is—and the role of learning environments in a differentiated classroom


Session 2 (Whole Group)

Tomlinson: The role of curriculum in a differentiated classroom


Session 3 (Role-Alike Group)

School Leaders: Leadership session #1 (Tomlinson)

Primary Teachers: Curriculum workshop (Imbeau)

Middle School & Secondary Teachers: Curriculum workshop (Page)


Session 4 (Whole Group)

Tomlinson: The role of assessment in a differentiated classroom


Session 5 (Role-Alike Group)

School Leaders: Leadership session #2 (Tomlinson)

Primary Teachers: Assessment workshop (Imbeau)

Middle School & Secondary Teachers: Assessment workshop (Page)


Session 6 (Whole Group)

Tomlinson: Addressing student readiness, interest, & learning profile in a differentiated classroom


Session 7 (Role-Alike Group)

School Leaders:  Leadership session #3 (Tomlinson)

Primary Teachers: Differentiation strategies workshop (Imbeau)

Middle School & Secondary Teachers: Differentiation strategies workshop (Page)


Session 8 - Video Analysis (Role-Alike Group)

Primary Teachers and Leaders : Primary Video

Middle School & Secondary Teachers and Leaders: Secondary Video


De-briefing after the video:

School Leaders: Tomlinson

Primary Teachers: Imbeau

Middle School & Secondary Teachers: Page


Session 9 - Wrap up (Whole Group) 


























  • School Leaders

  • Primary Educators

  • Secondary Educators



October 15 - 16, 2016



9.00 am - 4.00 pm



Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit 57

Bangkok, Thailand 



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Register by Sept 30, 2016

USD 610/ Baht 21,960




Workshop Coordinator

Sonthaya Chutisacha





Phone (Thailand)

081 701 6843;

081 846 5770 
(replace the first '0' with '66' for international calls)