Designing Rigorous and Engaging Project Based Learning Project

November 24 - 25, 2017
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Compilation of participants' response to the following query on the

Workshop Evaluation Form:  

"Theory/Skills acquired from the workshop that you can use immediately"

Reverse Planning

Devising an effective driving question

A clear idea on how to feedback effectively

Implementing PBL in the classroom

Useful feedback

Student driven work, more about what they are interested in and how to work it into PBL

FA strategies

EAL scaffolding techniques

Backwards planning

Improved knowledge of assessment

Idea of everyone creating a product in group work

The ability to develop quality driving questions

Ideas and techniques for quality assessments

Methods for designing and developing projects

Formative assessment strategies

Planning activities /strategies

Global errors vs targeted areas

PBL elements checklist

Project Assessment Map

Reteach my students to give and receive feedback

Everything we want to do must be related to the real world

Aspects of a good PBL project

Collaborate other subjects alongside the project

Project design elements - I feel comfortable that I understand the basics

Difference between projects and project based learning

Sample project launches

Planning + Designing rubrics

I will apply a teaching method similar to Andrew's.  He modeled it so well.

Importance of goal in PBL planning

Projects as main course not dessert

Resources (website, books)

Get up, hands up, pair up

Group roles

Participating Schools

American International School
Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School
Brent International School, Manila
British International School Phuket
British School of Guangzhou
Canadian International School of Hong Kong
Chiang Mai International School
Concordian International School
DSB International School
International School Bangkok
Kellett School
Lanna International School, Thailand
Mahindra United World College of India
Nexus International School Malaysia
NIST International School
QISS China
Renaissance College
Ruamrudee International School
Singapore International School Bangkok
Singapore International School Chiang Mai
SJI International
The American School of Bangkok
The British International School Kuala Lumpur
UNIS Hanoi
Yew Chung International School of Shanghai