Effective Classroom Practice for Teaching Assistants

May 24 - 25, 2018; May 30 - 31, 2018

Bangkok, Thailand

Compilation of participants' response to the following query on the

Workshop Evaluation Form:  

"Theory/Skills acquired from the workshop that you can use immediately"


High level thinking/questioning

Strategies for scaffolding tasks 

Be specific when giving praise

Schema Theory

Attention seeking students - give them attention only in their positive behaviour

The art of questioning - using high level questions

Successive approximation made me realise that students do make progress each day that passes by

Theory of social constructivism

Using open ended questions more effectively

Putting or giving reward must be appropriate

How to motivate students to think creatively

Level of support to develop independence

Feedback instead of failure

Elements that enable learning "diamond"

Levels of questioning to increase complexity

Healthy SS/TA relationship

Formative feedback

Teaching with music

Three before me

Promote well being of students

Praise process - praising learners for the process

Giving students more thinking time rather than answering it for them

Vyogtsky theory of ZPD, Piaget- Importance of play

Building a network among TAs

Participating Schools

American International School Chennai, India
Cairo American College
Harrow International School, Bangkok
Hong Kong International School
International Christian School
International School of Bangkok
International School of Beijing
International School of Kenya
Korea International School
KPIS International School
Nexus International School
NIST International School
Niva International School
Ruamrudee International School
Singapore International School of Bangkok
St Andrews International School