Developing Confident Talking in Early Years

November 7 - 8, 2014

Chiang Mai, Thailand


Participating Schools
American International School of Johannesburg
British School Manila
German European School Singapore
German Swiss International School 
International School Bangkok
International School Kenya
JIS International School
Nakornpayap International School
Nanjing International School
Panyaden School
Ruamrudee International School
Saigon South International School
Singapore International School of Bangkok
St. Andrews International School Samakee
The Alice Smith School

Given below is a compilation of participants' response to the following query on the Workshop Evaluation Form:  

"Theory/Skills acquired from the workshop that you can use immediately"

  • Aligning the language of staff in the school

  • Take pressure off shy kids

  • Ideas for classroom activities

  • Idea for registration

  • Be clear

  • Identifying introverts and shyness and being able to identify symptoms

  • Strategies to support children and parents

  • Identifying shy/introverted/selective mutism

  • The accuracy of my language with children

  • Changing how I talk to children - what do I mean?

  • Sustained shared thinking

  • Planted adult

  • Positive report writing

  • All about me box ideas

  • Introduce KISS to staff

  • The magic bubble

  • Helping children who experience anxiety in classroom

  • Progressive stories

  • Strategies for dealing with dominant children

  • Careful photo taking

  • The sustained shared thinking/natural materials/marking making activities