Workshop Communication


Modern Learning Environments

November 28 - 29, 2017

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Please note:  Meeting Room changed to Saraphi Room

Important: To Prepare/Bring

1.  Think of an anecdote or a recent story of learning from your teaching/leading highlighting  a learning engagement that characterizes learning going in your space. Prepare to tell it to your group in one minute!  


An example:  During our inquiry time, when my students are studying 'How the World Works' and investigating into materials and their functions, there are different groups working on different tasks: there might be one group working with the iPads, laptops and information books finding out information about the materials, there is another group working with the teacher on an experiment, yet another group making a prototype out of different materials and one more group writing up a report on their experiment.  

2.  Bring in possible floor plans/ classroom plans or anything else equivalent if possible of the space you  are currently working in and possibly looking into enhancing.

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