Workshop Communication


Learning Agility 

November 10 - 11, 2017

Chiang Mai, Thailand

All pre-workshop communication will be posted here.  We will post the General Workshop Information (timings, meeting room etc)  closer to the workshop date.  We will email you with the information and will also post it here.  


Email Sonthaya at if you have any further queries. 


Looking forward to seeing you at the workshop.  

Pre-reading for the Workshop (Optional)

Pasted below is a note from James Anderson, the Learning Agility Workshop Leader:


I am looking forward to working with you this Friday and Saturday. I have asked Navin of The Knowledge Source Institute to provide you with the attached documents. Although they aren’t strictly necessary for the workshop we’ll be doing, they are very complementary and you’ll find them useful pre reading. 

The first document is the first chapter of my newest book, The Agile Learner. Pre-reading this will give you a great grounding for where we start our work. 


The second document is about mistakes. We’ll be discussing mistakes, the role they play in learning and how they should be used in the context of Learning Agility and a Growth Mindset during the workshop. This document will support that work. 

The third document is: Lessons for Succeeding with Habits of Mind. We will be mentioning Habits of Mind and exploring the connections to Growth Mindset and Learning Agility. This document will be of interest to anyone wishing to pursue Habits of Mind further.


Again, I’m looking forward to working with you later this week. Safe travels to those of you who are flying in! 




General Workshop Information

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