A Collaborative Mindset to Develop Self-Efficacy 

For Mainstream and EAL Teachers


By Dr. Virginia P. Rojas




Traditional programs for English learners provided for separate services in the form of EAL pull-out classes with a separate curriculum in elementary schools or separate EAL sheltered content classes taught by EAL teachers in secondary schools. In recent years, the paradigm has shifted to a more inclusive environment whereby EAL and mainstream teachers work together to deliver one curriculum to English learners, regardless of English-language proficiency. As international schools’ demography continues to shift to include more English learning students, so will programs and practices.



This workshop is intended for K-12 classroom and EAL teachers as well as school leaders. The session addresses the following questions:


  1. Why do collaborative services make sense for English learners?

  2. How can we support the collaborative journey for learners, teachers, and school leaders in international-school settings?

  3. Why is this journey worth taking?



Topics Covered

Workshop topics for the two days include:


  • the nuts and bolts of collaboration (including roles, responsibilities, and parity);


  • the planning of aligned content and language learning targets for instructional units and lessons;


  • the design of evidence-centered assessment tasks - both formative and summative;


  • the use of translanguaging strategies to facilitate emergent bilingual students’ access to content and English-language acquisition and development;


  • the use of scaffolding strategies to progress English-language acquisition and academic language development through the 'types of oral and written tasks' common in K-12 schooling;


  • the design of multiple paths for English learners to access grade-level curriculum standards (i.e. differentiation).


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  • K-12 Classroom and EAL Teachers

  • School Leaders



February 19 - 20, 2016



9.00 am - 4.00 pm



Veranda High Resort

Chiang Mai, Thailand



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Baht 19,220/USD 565 per participant 



Baht 21,390/USD 630 per participant



Feb.5, 2016


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Workshop Coordinator

Mr. Navin Pawa 





Phone (Thailand)

081 701 6843;

081 846 5770 
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