Promoting Student Agency Through Goal Based Coaching in the Classroom

Led by:

Sonthaya Chutisacha


April 24, 2021

3:00 pm. - 4.30 pm.(Thailand Time)

Your Time 

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Baht 3500 (≈USD 114) per participant

Target Audience

K-12 Educators

Background & Overview

Moving towards increased student agency in a learner-centered classroom, you may have noticed that your role as a teacher is shifting (or is expected to shift) increasingly to that of a learning coach/facilitator.  

You may have also noticed how a good one:one/small group interaction propels learning and agency.  

Your challenge as a teacher could be figuring out the pedagogy for coaching  and also allocating the time and space for an activity that though potentially effective, could eat into instruction time.  ​

This  learning opportunity will provide you with a goal-based mentoring framework that you can use and adapt to suit your classroom.  The step by step framework will break down the coaching process into tangible steps from planning and preparing for the session to conducting the session.   The framework can also be used as an intervention for at-risk students.


This learning opportunity will equip participants with knowledge and skills to answer the following questions:

1.  How do I plan for in-class coaching/mentoring?

2.  How can I intrinsically motivate my students with  academic, real-life and passion project goals?

3.  What will make me an effective mentor/coach?




This workshop will follow the 'flipped' format.  You will be provided with the Goal-Based Coaching framework upon registration.  You will be encouraged to try out/reflect upon the framework before joining the live session. 

This workshop will be led by...

Sonthaya Chutisacha (MSc. Counseling Psychology).


Sonthaya  worked as a teacher and school counselor in an international school in Bangkok with at-risk students.  It was there that she first observed and learnt how mentoring and coaching could turn around almost all the 'drop-outs'.   Over the years, she continued her private practice and coached at-risk students.  Alongside she co-founded and helped run Knowledge Source Institute (KSIPD) , a provider of professional development workshops (since 2007). 

The changing landscape of education and the move towards learner-centered classrooms and personalised learning  prompted Sonthaya to initiate KSI Academy (since 2018) - a lab school that implements a learner-centered model of education with Goal Based Coaching at its core.  


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