Building Emotional Intelligence Through Play

Identifying & Addressing Bullying  


May 16, 2021

Live, Interactive Webinar

Duration: 2 hours


London 9.00 am |  Dubai 12.00pm

Singapore 4.00pm | Sydney 6.00 pm

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USD 150 per participant


Led by:

Jaz Goven

Target Audience

K - 12  Counselors/Teachers

Workshop Overview

Bullying comes in different forms - mental, emotional and physical. Plus we even do it to ourselves; pushing ourselves to do more, be more, achieve more.


In this workshop everyone will have the experience of releasing their own inner bully using the Magical U system and understand through this process how Magical U can help children release the effects of bullying and find peace.

What is Magical U?







Magical U - is a guided game for children that builds emotional intelligence. It helps create a play-based and safe space for children (of all ages) to express their concerns, worries or fears. Once done they can re-program themselves with how they 'want' to feel. 


Topic Covered

  • Understanding subconscious programming - yours and your children and how Magical U can help with this

  • Talk about far reaching effects of bullying and being bullied.

  • Play the game of Magical U and release the inner bully

Workshop Facilitator

Jaz Goven – Agent of Change 

After 18 years in the self-help field mastering many different modalities, Jaz created her own system to work with clients based on everything she had learned. This system, called Fast Track, has evolved into Magical U which is not only easier to learn but speaks to the brain and inner self in its own language – pictures.

Jaz uses this system to deal with clients from all walks of life, facilitating them easily clearing those issues that hinder them living their greatest balanced lives. She is extremely insightful and has a natural ability to connect with people wherever they are in a kind and loving manner.

Workshop Coordinator

Navin Pawa