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Beyond the Basics:  Understanding and Supporting the Needs of Highly Able/Gifted & Talented Learners


3 interactive sessions - 90 minutes per session 

(participant will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the workshop)


March 15, 16, 17, 2022 



Thailand 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm 

Discover Your Time

USD 350 per participant 

Bring a friend

USD 600 per 2 participants


Led by:

Anita Churchville

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" Over the years, much needed attention has been given to inclusion; however, one profile of students has been largely ignored - that of the needs of gifted and highly able students.


I designed this workshop to help bring awareness of the fact that an integral component of becoming a truly inclusive school includes intentionally and thoughtfully supporting learners who are highly or exceptionally able."

Anita Churchville, M.S. Ed. is an educational consultant and founder of the HAGT Learners Collaborative.

She currently coordinates the High Ability Program at the American School of Bombay and conducts professional development workshops at a number of private international schools.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for ES, MS, HS teachers, coordinators, and counselors.


Workshop Overview

This workshop is designed as a deep dive into meeting the needs of highly able learners.

The assumption is that participants will have a basic knowledge of the theory and research underlining the rationale for addressing this typically underserved population.


The hope is that the workshop will provide educators with the knowledge and resources needed to better serve their students at the higher end of the ability spectrum, while simultaneously increasing the opportunities and service provision for all students.


In this workshop, participants will be equipped with knowledge & skills to answer the following:​

  • What are the most effective strategies to support our highly able learners in the classroom?

  • How can we best understand and support the social and emotional needs of our highly able learners (at the classroom and school levels)?

  • How can we effectively translate ability and talent (potential) to achievement (performance)?

Topics Covered

Session 1

  • Curriculum Compacting

  • Depth and Complexity

  • Cognitive Rigor

Session 2

  • The Talent Development Model


Session 3

  • Addressing Underachievement

  • Motivation and Intrapersonal

  • Environmental Catalysts

Workshop Coordinator

Navin Pawa

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