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How We Argue

Teach Logical Reasoning Skills

Designed by Harvard's ThinkerAnalytix


This free resource is an interactive textbook/mastery based learning course that builds reasoning skills in high school students.  



Target Audience
High School Educators

How do we argue?

Too often it seems that when discussing current issues and writing essays, students rely on unsubstantiated facts or appeals to emotion, rather than evidence and reasoning. 

Argument Mapping

This mastery based learning course, introduces argument mapping: a simple, powerful, research-backed method that helps students improve the logical reasoning skills which support effective writing and communication.


As software has improved over the previous decade, an increasing number of college professors and high school teachers are teaching students to analyze and evaluate arguments with mapping.


The result is that students write more clearly and logically and engage in more constructive, charitable conversations about difficult issues.

How We Argue (HWA): Interactive Textbook

(free for instructors)

ThinkerAnalytix is an educational nonprofit that partners with the Harvard University Department of Philosophy.


They have developed a new interactive textbook called How We Argue that uses mastery learning to help students work through many exercises to practice the basic skills of logical reasoning and argument analysis.


In this sense, HWA is a bit like a "boot camp" where students can visit to improve their "logic muscles." The ThinkerAnalytix team  has designed HWA to make it equitable and accessible for all types of learners with various skills and backgrounds.  They are now in use in many US states and countries worldwide. 


How We Argue - Free Course

You will be directed to the course page when you click submit.

Email if there are any further queries.  

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