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Shifting from an Instructional to a Learning Paradigm

This series of workshops, facilitated by recognized experts,  will equip teachers with the knowledge, skills and mindset to make the required shifts/validate their current practice as next generation educators.

The workshops have been curated on the basis of a  research done by UNESCO's International Bureau of Education (link in the literature review section below).  

This learning opportunity will address the following guiding questions:
1.  How can we best apply our core strengths to our professional practice
2.  How can we design student-centered learning experiences in our classroom?
3.  How can we identify and use learners' funds of knowledge?
4.  How can we design learning for real world application?


Core Reflection
March 8, 2023


Prof.Fred Korthagen

Small Group Instruction
March 9, 2023


Dr. Catlin Tucker

Funds of Knowledge 
March 15, 2023

Dr. Cathy Amanti

Teaching for Transfer
April 5, 2023


Dr. Michael McDowell


(register by February 10, 2023)

Individual Workshop(s)

USD 150

per participant/per workshop

All Four Workshops

(Solo Participation)

USD 510 per participant

All Four Workshops 

(Split Participation)

USD 525 per group (one participant per workshop)

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